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/55 inch OLED Transparent Screen OLED Display Panel for Exhibition Museum Shopping Mall

55 inch OLED Transparent Screen OLED Display Panel for Exhibition Museum Shopping Mall

OLED high transparency OLED screen display for for Exhibition, Museum, Shopping Mall,  etc. 55 INCH OLED panel with a resolution of 1920*1080.
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55inch OLED transparent screen display monitor

OLED organic display self-illuminous , its contrast, black field performance, color gamut, response speed, viewing angle are revolutionary compared to the current mainstream LED liquid crystal display.

OLED transparent display

LG transparent oled

OLED transparent windows

OLED as a new generation of display technology, simple display structureThe consumables are environmentally friendly, and the OLED display has the characteristics of flexible and curlable, which is more convenient for transportation and installation, and breaks through the size limitation. It is more likely to have the advantage of low cost popularization after mass production.



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