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19.1 Inch Stretched Display for Supermarket LCD Bar Display FHD

19.1 INCH STRETCHED DISPLAY. 507.8 X 121 X 16.7 MM

The bar screen has new features such as real-time, flexibility, mobility, large capacity, etc., and has completely shaken off the shackles of traditional display screens. Therefore, it is highly respected by new media advertisers.

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19.1 inch LCD stretched display smart digital signage for supermarket


19.1 INCH


477 X 92 MM


507.8 X 121 X 16.7 MM






FHD 1920*1080






1. Large shopping malls and supermarkets
Shopping malls and supermarkets are the places where the most people are gathered, and the detailed information or parameters of the products are introduced to customers through the bar screen, which can greatly attract traffic and increase the probability of purchase.

2. Subway and bus stop signs
It can be used as a bus, subway indoor station stop screen, displayed on buses and subway cars, comprehensively display vehicle arrival information and other multimedia advertising information.

3. Banks and hospitals
In order to provide customer-oriented financial services, numbering and numbering, bar screens can provide timely and accurate financial information; hospital registration, doctors and other publicity display requirements.

Whether it is a shelf bar screen, a car bar screen, or a hospital or bank bar screen, they have the common characteristics of a wide audience and huge market potential. Once a product is widely marketed, it has a large audience and advertising Low-cost media will surely attract the attention of many advertisers.

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