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/23.1 Inch Ultra-wide LCD Display Stretched Screen for Supermarket New Retail Shelves

23.1 Inch Ultra-wide LCD Display Stretched Screen for Supermarket New Retail Shelves

Real-time broadcast of brand displays or advertising promotions, as well as price tag information display on shelves, to promote consumer intuitive understanding of the product.

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23.1 inch LCD stretched display. Ultra wide screen display for supermarket, shelves, stores , shops.

Full HD, tempered glass, Android smart(optional), IPS Panel, HDR, narrow bezel.

High contrast, high brightness, clear picture quality, clear layer, vivid and vibrant picture.

stretched display for supermarket

stretched display for supermarket

Stretched display 23.1 inch

As far as the future development is concerned, no matter which field of the bar screen, it has the characteristics of a wide audience and huge market potential. The stretched display with a large audience and low advertising costs will attract the attention of many enterprises and advertisers. Government departments can also use their publicity to publicize the public, which is of great significance and effect.

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