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/55 Inch 0.88mm Even Bezel LCD Video Wall FHD Narrow Bezel LG Original Panel Video Walls Paper

55 Inch 0.88mm Even Bezel LCD Video Wall FHD Narrow Bezel LG Original Panel Video Walls Paper

The 0.88mm LCD video wall is an ultra-narrow-edge LCD splicing screen launched by LG brand in early 2019. The 0.88mm panel has a huge difference effect. It is used for large screen display systems in conference rooms. The difference is to reduce the stitching, improve the mosaic display effect, and have less impact on user viewing. This is also the characteristics and advantages of the 0.88mm bezel video wallsl.
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In terms of cost performance, the cost of the 0.88mm LCD video wall is much lower than that of the DLP large screen, and its display function is even higher, such as brightness, contrast, and resolution are the industry's leading levels, and it can be spliced. 

The ultra-narrow-edge display effect ensures a higher application rate in the large-screen display of the conference room.

With the wide application of large-screen display systems, 0.88mm LCD splicing screens are widely used in conference rooms, media fusion, exhibition halls, etc. due to the small stitching. Therefore, ultra-narrow-edge LCD splicing will definitely be formed in future large-screen display occasions. The screen is the mainstream, the entire LCD splicing screen industry will pay more attention to high-definition and seamless.
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