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Flexible OLED Screen

/55 Inch Curved OLED Video Wall FHD R1000 Flexible Screen Video Wall 0.88 1.7 3.5mm

55 Inch Curved OLED Video Wall FHD R1000 Flexible Screen Video Wall 0.88 1.7 3.5mm

The 55 inch OLED curved screen design will more closely fit the physiological curve structure of the human eye, and the large-screen splicing display brings a surround immersive visual experience, which are beyond the reach of traditional LCD splicing screens.
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55 inch curved OLED video wall FHD

The OLED curved splicing screen brings a better visual shock experience to everyone, and the curved screen has a better stereoscopic display effect. For example, in the cylindrical three-dimensional advertising column, the effect of surrounding the picture can be seen, while the effect seen in the face of the three-dimensional screen, there is obviously no layer and three-dimensional body. For the same splicing screen, the curved splicing screen has a certain degree of curvature and has a small footprint. The curved screen may save more space and be more convenient to operate.

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