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Create the best game environment - 144Hz curved gaming mnitor display

June 17,2019.

curved gaming monitor

Recently, due to the popularity of one-person shooter games, such as PUBG, the corresponding game display market has also developed greatly. Therefore, in order to make the game more immersive and let players play more strength, the demand for game display products that can create a better environment is increasing. While the performance of the CPU and graphics card has risen, the game display has become a necessity. Among them, the players who mainly play FPS games, the most popular curved display, attracted the most popularity because of the high refresh rate of 144Hz.

144hz monitor

For FPS games like OVERWATCH and PUBG, the higher the number of frames, the better the game experience will be. The higher the FPS (Frames Per Second), the smoother the game screen, and the more obvious the FPS game that requires precise aiming. Only provide a high number of frames of the display, and can not show the picture delicately, then what is needed is a high refresh rate display for FPS assists - 144Hz high refresh rate e-sports display.

In addition, in the game, whenever we need to have a clear view of the information in the game, we must have a curved display that can be connected to the corners of the screen. When choosing a flat panel display, people often focus on size, but for curved displays, the important thing is curvature. The curvature is usually marked in "R" units, and the lower the number, the more curved the screen. Among them, there is a curved display called "the most suitable human eye gold rhythm" - "1900R curvature", which can minimize the visual distortion caused by the eyes looking at the center and edge of the picture, providing a broader and deeper The panoramic effect allows people to concentrate on immersing themselves in the game. In addition, because it conforms to the design of the human eye structure and conforms to the natural viewing angle, it can provide a comfortable game environment and reduce eye and neck fatigue.

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