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New technology OLED flexible curved display unveiled, customized solutions diversified

July 23,2019.
The OLED display is a display made of organic electroluminescent diodes.Simultaneously, it has a self-illuminating organic electroluminescent diode, which does not require a backlight, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast response speed, can be used for flexible panels, wide temperature range, simple structure and simple process.It is considered to be the next generation of flat panel display emerging application technology.

In fact, as early as 2015, the first giant canopy created by OLED curved display appeared at Incheon Airport in South Korea. According to reports, the final size of this spliced giant OLED display reached 13x8 meters (104 square meters) with 140 blocks.55-inch curved OLED panels are spliced together.


Also in 2017, in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Tower, also played OLED black technology, the world's largest "OLED tunnel" composed of 144 OLED panels, a large OLED wave dome made up of 75 OLED panels(OLED Wave Roof) is presented in front of everyone, and the tourists who have passed through have taken out their mobile phones to take pictures and take pictures!


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