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OLED has become a reality and China has become the global OLED center

May 28,2019.

On September 19th, LG Display held the "2018 OLED Partners' Day" in Guangzhou, inviting six major TV manufacturers including Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, Sony, Philips and LG Electronics, Suning, Gome and Jingdong. Sales channels such as Tmall, China Electronics Video Industry Association, China Electronics Industry Association, China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute, National Radio and Television Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other industry representatives, as well as industry experts and scholars, about 140 people The development status and future trends of China's OLED industry witness the world's most advanced OLED technology achievements.

At the conference, LG Display CEO President Lu Xiangde announced the coming of the OLED China era. Based on the OLED factory investment, Guangzhou will become a global OLED production base. LG Display TV Business Head Huang Longqi launched a new OLED China market strategy for the new situation. LG Display will work with China's upstream and downstream partners to create new value through OLED, further strengthen China's OLED ecosystem and continuously optimize the market. Promotion activities will help China's OLED industry move forward.

In addition to winning the recognition of the consumer side, OLED has also been recognized by experts from outside the industry. Mr. Ma Cang, the vice president of the Japan Society of Picture Quality, who mentioned the advantages of OLED image quality, said: "Each pixel of OLED can be self-illuminating independently, and can achieve infinite contrast, showing the best picture quality, called future display. Exaggeration." Dr. Sheedy from the US Pacific University analyzed the content of "why OLED is good for eye health." Dr. Sheedy has been engaged in research on visual fatigue-related topics and has made more achievements in relieving and treating visual fatigue. He believes that human visual senses are distinguished by different light contrasts of external objects, while OLEDs provide better Contrast and lower blue light are excellent, so OLED is a display technology that is very suitable for human eyes.

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