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Wide range of uses——digital wooden frame

January 7,2020.

32 inch digital frame, 21.5 inch digital frame, the frame TV

Digital frames are fashionable consumer electronics and essential decorations for families. Inheriting the digital fashion and the warmth of the photo frame, it is very versatile. For example, it can be used as business gifts, holiday gifts, souvenirs, exhibitions, welfare prizes, modern furniture, wedding photography, automotive, digital photography equipment, personal accessories and so on. With the popularization of digital photo frames, more and more interesting creative applications will definitely appear, bringing endless fun to our ordinary life.

digital art frame

The digital frames  can be used as exquisite art picture frames and photo frames, can be placed on the counter top, can also be used as murals on the wall, and can also be used as dynamic and static advertising machine. Suitable for families, various elegant places such as shopping malls, hotels, hotels Leisure center, bar, cafe, corridor, etc.

21.5 inch digital frame
No need to use computer, no need to print, digital photos can be stored in digital photo frame for display.
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