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Digital Art Frame Makes Museums "playful"

December 3,2019.
In today's world where digitalization is commonly used, the traditional and simple exhibitions of museums, which are mainly based on physical objects and pictures, are obviously difficult to meet the needs of audiences. Digital art has provided new ideas and directions for museum exhibitions in various regions. The museum provides a more convenient form of display and increases the way of communication between the venue and the public.

Store and reproduce artworks in visual digital form

The collections of cultural institutions such as museums and cultural centers are numerous and have a long history. Traditional exhibition forms cannot fully meet the needs of exhibition. The convenient cloud storage and digital processing of BOE screens can easily and quickly sort and display the collections, which greatly improves the collection management efficiency and the accuracy of the collection materials. Such digital information and digital management methods are highly accurate, academic and authoritative.

Achieve complementarity with physical displays
Drawing screens use the technical advantages of digital art to break through the objective restrictions of traditional museums. Various collections and resources of museums can be displayed in an all-round way. At the same time, the problems of special cultural relics that are inconvenient for physical display and pictures that cannot achieve the display effect are solved With the screen, visitors can not only see the display effect of the real restored objects, but also obtain various information about the cultural relics to meet the multiple needs of the visitors.

Increase audience participation and interaction
The development of digital art makes new media widely used, and the application of immersive exhibitions in museums is relatively mature. Painting screens give full play to the advantages of digital art, bringing richer and more comprehensive forms and interactive effects to the display of museum exhibits, enhancing the fun and initiative of audience viewing, 
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